Achado na rede tech inédita demo de Ninja X

Sem muito embargo o usuario "Dreamcast™" do Online Consoles fez uma grande descoberta, ele encontrou um tech demo inédito na r9 katana sd. chamado ninja X

saiba na descrição (em inglês)de "Dreamcast™":
"Really, just to demonstrate some of the graphical effects of the system. In the fifth picture (third down from the top left), you can see how it's only lit around the ship. The image next to that is another option you can select to show texture highlighting (or for benchmarking to see all of the objects on the stage). But it's definitely a great starting point if that's the type of game a developer back then wanted to build. The demo is only a single stage and you can't die. But there's a high score at the top. The text on the left is debug information."

é graças a pessoas como "Dreamcast™" que pedaços da história do ultimo console da sega são descobertos!


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